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Space Planning & Layouts

Sometimes the biggest obstacle is being able to look passed how you think a room is suppose to be laid out and seeing how it could be laid out. Instead of seeing the norms and the rules, seeing the possibilities of a blank canvas, especially if you have been in this space for a while.

This package is designed for clients who need help deciding what should go where, and if pieces need to be purchased or left behind. 

Personal Organizing

Have you ever spent 45 minutes frantically looking around, growing more irritated by the moment. Racking your brain for some hint as to where you put it?!? Trying to re-trace your steps and realize, oh no, I put it away after a glass or two of the Rosé.

This package has been carefully created for every person who struggles to find things. By ensuring that everything has a home within the home, that what is not need is discarded and what is only needed on occasion is properly stored, this packaging will be like creating a treasure map around your space.


Can't seem to find things when you need them. Realize you haven't seen a certain item in ages and wonder where it's gone? Well, this package will create a home for everything in your home so you know where things belong and what you can no longer house.

Colour Consultation

Colour is a way of expressing ourselves. They can motivate or relax, attract or repulse. While the concept seems so simple, colour is one of the areas that most people struggle in. 

This package will eliminate your intimidations and focus on creating a colour pallet that fits your wants but also flows and defines the space in a whole new way. 

Holiday & Seasonal Decor

Perhaps you don't have the time, maybe you lack the eye for it. This package will ensures that the exterior and/or main floor of your space are decorated to match the occasion.

From Halloween, to Christmas, Easter and Quanza****. This package will make sure your home was the talk of the town after your guests have had a glance.

Didn't see a package that fits your needs?

Drop us a line and tell us the who, what, when, where, how and why and we'll draft a quote specific to you!

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