Space Planning
  • Space Planning

    Sometimes the biggest obstacle for people is being able to picture an empty room with furniture. Alternatively, trying to picture a new layout or different items in a space you have been in for a while can also be a tough task. Where should each piece go?What types of pieces will be appropriate?What’s too big, what’s too small?Will the room flow?Will it be balanced?What layout will provide the most function for my lifestyle? This package was designed for clients who are moving into a new space, rearranging their current space or planning to replace their items and want some guidance from an expert. First, you will submit pictures and dimensions of the room and any pieces you are keeping. Then, we’ll build a digital floor plan and submit a layout we think you will like for approval. Once you’ve selected your new layout, we’ll create an easy to follow guide that will help you purchase items for and/or arrange your room. This printable PDF will feature a copy of your new layout, list the types of items we included and the size ranges that you should stay within. Go ahead, purchase this package and leave the math to us! The average turnaround time is 2 days!For Great Rooms, please contact us for pricing.
    • This Package Includes:

      -1 How to Measure your Space Guide

      -1 Room Floor Plan

      -1 Furniture Layout with 1 Full Revision 

      -1 Max & Min Furniture Size Spec Sheet

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