Personal Organizing
  • Personal Organizing

    Have you ever spent 45 minutes frantically looking, growing more anxious by the moment, racking your brain for some hint as to where you put it?!? Trying to re-trace your steps, but instead realize, you have no idea where it could be.


    Keys, tv converter, kitchen utensils, super glue...


    This package has been carefully created for every person who struggles to find things. Some of the steps we’ll take together are:


    • Ensuring that everything has a home within the home-What is not needed is discarded
    • What is only needed on occasion is properly stored


    This process is more open ended because organization is unique to each individual, their space, resources and personal belongs.Rest assured, your keys will have a designated spot.


    The turnaround time is completely dependent on the volume of items we need to sift through

    • This Package Includes:

      • 1 Room
      • 1 How to Declutter Guide
      • 1 How to Properly Store Stuff Guide
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