Colour Consultation
  • Colour Consultation

    Colour is a way of expressing ourselves. It can motivate or relax, attract or repulse. While the concept seems so simple, colour is one of the areas that people struggle in most. This package will eliminate your intimidations and focus on creating a colour palette that fits your wants. Creating flow and defining your space in a whole new way. We’ll ask you some qualifying questions to determine what types of colour you like. We’ll discover colour combinations and schemes that your drawn to in everyday life and then create one that will work well in your home. This is a great service for people who have collected furniture and decor over the years that they love but wish to find a way to pull it all together! The average turnaround time is 1 day!
    • This Package Includes:

      -1 Colour Mood Board

      -1 Colour Scheme with 1 Revisions

      -1 How to Add Colour in the Future Guide

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