1-Hour Virtual Consultation

1-Hour Virtual Consultation

Some clients just need a little direction to make their design dreams come true for themselves


This package is for clients who have questions they want to ask an expert on a video call. We recommend that you make a list so we can move through all your questions quickly and smoothly - this is how you will get the most out of this service.


If an hour won't be enough, increase the quantity of the package you are purchasing to the number of hours you woud like. (x2) = 2 hours. You can schedule this time to be all one call or be broken up in one hour increments at your convience. 


You will receive a confirmation email with a 'Download' button. This will open a clickable PDF for the next steps:


1. Complete the eDesign Questionnaire

2. Schedule your video call in our Calendly


  • This Package Includes:

    -eDesign Questionnaire

    -Access to our Calendly to book a call at your convenience 

    -60 Minute call to discuss any design questions you have


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