So,  What  is  In-home  Interior  Design?!
Digital render of living room, kitchen, office, dining room, powder room

In-home interior design is traditional and full service interior design.

This service caters to clients that:

  • are located in the GTA and surrounding areas

  • want an in person experience

  • prefer to bring professionals in than to DIY household projects

  • perhaps are tight on time or travel often

  • desire structural changes to their space

  • have a larger budget to work with

  • are more likely to want their whole house designed vs. certain areas

This service involves more one on one time with your designer. You can opt for services like shopping together, help selecting contractors and other trades. Plus, we'll be there to help you place all your items on the official install day!

What   is   the   Process?

The Vision ·     The Work ·     The Wait ·     The Rush ·     The Reveal.

1.) Questionnaire


2.) Client Brief Presentation

3.) Consultation & Measurements

4.) Paperwork

5.) Concept Presentation 

6.) Finish Sourcing & Trade Selection

7.) Construction

8.) Product Purchasing

9.) Install


10.) Photo shoot


11.) Time to show off

How  is  it  Priced?!

Every single design project is completely different and we understand that, so, instead of jotting down a flat fee that every project must conform to, we do project by project pricing.

Once we get your completed questionnaire, we will have an idea of your vision.


This helps us ballpark the size of your project before we even enter your space.

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