What  is  eDesign?!?

eDesign is an up & coming, innovative way to update your space for MUCH less than it would cost you to hire a traditional Interior Designer.

It's literally Online Interior Design!




We do so much online these days, why not interior design too?

The process is streamlined and simplified to help you step by step, breathe life back into your space.

Who  is  eDesign  Right  for?!?

eDesign is for those who love Interior Design and DIY projects.

Our role is to develop a game plan and your role is to execute it!

But, if you think you'll need some help implementing the plan, don't worry! Lots of clients choose to hire outside help for things like:

  • Painting

  • Building Furniture

  • Installing Drapes

  • Hanging Artwork

The beauty of this process is that you get to decide your level of comfort and the scope of your own abilities to determine which tasks you can do yourself and which you might need some help with.

What  Can  you  Expect?!?

First, expect to get super excited, then, expect to be so 'house proud' that you immediately have to throw a dinner party to show off.

Depending on the package you select, some of the deliverables you can expect to receive along the way are:

  • Moodboards

  • Colour Scheme

  • Floor Plan + Furniture Layout

  • Renders

  • Shopping List

  • Install Instructions

You will be given instructions & guides to help you do everything from measuring your space to snapping after photos of the project.

We  Take  This
Turn  it  into  This
What  is  the  Process?

The Vision ·     The Work ·     The Wait ·     The Rush ·     The Reveal.

1.) Pick a Package    OR       Contact us for a Custom One


2.) Questionnaire

3.) Client Brief Presentation

4.) Paperwork

5.) Concept Presentation 

6.) Completed Design Package

7.) Shop Your New Items

8.) Install

9.) Photo shoot

10.) Time to show off

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